Hello adventurers and welcome to:

“SALIDA to the SEA”

Race date:September 4/2020


Generally speaking:  The race is a self-supported MTN bike race covering  2000 miles of biking adventure over the terrain of 5 states with approx. 143,000 feet of climbing. The race begins just outside the mountain town of Salida, Colorado and ends in Port Orford, Oregon.

The journey will begin with a racer group campout just outside Salida,CO on the night of Sept 3rd. A time to get aquatinted, share tall tales and have some laughs. The morning of the race there will be a group rollout descending a fun 2,000ft over 8 miles into Salida. There will be a racer group send off just before the climbing begins on Poncha Pass leading next to the beautiful climb up and over  Marshall Pass.

We could tell you about the steepness or length of climbs, the distance between resupplies or the heat of Nevada but, breaking down the Route and discovering its splendor/mysteries/hidden treasures is the beginning of this adventure.

Our hope is for you to experience and embrace these  amazing traits of self-supported bike pack racing…..

Camaraderie: A spirit of good friendship and loyalty among members of a group

Adventurous: Willing to go where you haven’t been before and do things you’ve never done, even if you don’t know how it is going to turn out.


* This race is contingent on the resolve of our current crisis respecting the health guidelines of towns along this Route.


SALIDA to the SEA : Rules / Guidelines


  1. Anyone can enter. It is open to anyone who wants to participate.  Limited to 50 people.
  2. Any pedal  powered bike including tandems are allowed.
  3. One primary headlight with a secondary backup and one tail light, reflective clothing & bike decals are not required but, highly recommended.
  4. Attempts are to be solo / self-supported  and observed as one stage, the clock runs non-stop. . There are no required checkpoints or designated rest periods on course. There is  no finish time cut-off time.
  5. A “grand depart” will roll out yearly the Friday before Labor Day weekend.
  6. To complete the Route, a rider may resupply food / equipment, rent a room, launder clothing, even service their bike at commercial shops along the way. The intent is to ride unsupported between towns, and function self-supported when in towns. Any services utilized must always be commercially available to all challengers and not pre-arranged. No private resupply, no private lodging.
  7. Once the race begins, a rider may be helped by a third party member with emergency repair/replacement items only. This does not include food.
  8. No drafting.
  9. There will be no separation of results for  age or gender. Results will be listed from fastest finisher to lantern rouge based on data from the live tracker.
  10. Race is intended to be a solo/ self-supported race. The physical separation/isolation from family and friends is intended to be part of the journey.
  11. This is a self documented race, no racer film crews.
  12. A voluntary $10 donation will be collected at the pre-race campout. All donations will be given to the National Park Service.
  13. The only prize in this race is honor.

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The GPX route can be found here.  Keep in mind this is subject to change.  Registered riders will be e-mailed the final route in advance of the race start.